Euro Tour 15 June 2017

Our next trip includes 3 countries with 3 amazing events:
15-18.06 Ridders van de ijssel, Kampen, Nehterlands
24-25.06 Volta Mantovala, Torneo Del Colle, Volta Mantovala, Italy
8-9.07 Tournoi de Saint Germain l'Herm, St.Germain I'Herm, France
We can't be aside from the world tendency of HMB sport. So this time you can find the soft armor at our stand. Quantity is really limited. Hurry up!

Ridders van de ijssel
Kampen 15-18.06
Torneo Del Colle
Volta Mantovala 24-25.06
Tournoi de Saint Germain l'Herm
St.Germain I'Herm 8-9.07

IMCF World Championship 25 May 2017

Just two days left until the show get started! IMCF World Championship (May 25th-28th) is getting closer and closer and Forge of Svan workshop is already on the way to Skive (Denmark). Check the list of armor now to know what we'll have at our stand.

Danmark 25-28.05

Marche de L'Histoire 08 April 2017

Taking the medieval season we continue our trips.
Next stop - two medieval fairs in France:
Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne (8th-9th of April)
Marche de L'Histoire d'Orange (15th-16th of April)
Only the best HMB and IMCF armor.

Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne
Compiegne 08-09.04

Saint Dizier 18 March 2017

Good news for the french HMB and IMCF fighters. 18-19th of March Forge of Svan workshop will be in Saint Dizier at the qualification tournament of the French national team.
Tempered and titanium armor is already packed for this event!

Saint Dizier

Armi e Bagagli 18 March 2017

We glad to announce that 18-19th of March Forge of Svan workshop will be presented at the famous italian fair "Armi e Bagagli" in Piacenza. Looking forward to see you there.

Armi e Bagagli

Winter Fight Cup "The end of silence" 11 February 2017

11-12th of February Forge of Svan will be in Germany at the Winter Fight Cup "The end of silence". Feel free to come and visit our stand. You can download the list of available armor which we have in our stock. Тhe presentation of goods can be found by downloading the file below.

Kloster Graefenthal
Maasstraße 50, 47574 Goch, Germany