Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne 21 April 2018

We invite you to visit our stand at the most famous fair in France in Compiegne.
You can find us there 21st and 22nd of April. Feel free to look what tempered steel armor we'll bring to Marché de L'Histoire de Compiegne.
21-22.04 Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne France Compiegne

Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne
Compiegne, France 21-22.04.18

Marche de L'Histoire d'Orange 31 March 2018

Looking forward to see you on fair in Orange, France.

Marche de L'Histoire d'Orange
Orange, France 31.03-02.04

Winter Fightcup 2018 24 February 2018

It will be the second edition of this great HMB tournament. Feel free to come visit our stand and try some tempered or titanium armor

Winter Fightcup 2018
Goch, Germany 24-25.02.18

Marche de L'Histoire de Compiegne 18 November 2017

Fous d'Histoire Compiègne + Marché de l'Histoire is one of the biggest market in France. We look forward to see you there.

Marche de L'Histoire
Compierne, France 18-19.11.17

Tournoi des Flandres 04 November 2017

Tournament "Tournoi des Flandres": the 3rd edition! This will be the third year of our sponsorship of tournament in Tourcoing (France). Feel free to come visit our merch point there.

Tournoi des Flandres
Tourcoing , France 04-05.11.17

Buhurt Tournament Schloss Berlepsch 30 September 2017

We look forward to see you all in Germany at the tournament "Ritterturnier Schloss Berlepsch". The spectacular place, friends, armor, buhurt ... in a nutshell - awesome weekend is going to happen!

Ritterturnier Schloss Berlepsch
Berlepsch, Germany 29-30.09.17

International HMB tournament in France 09 September 2017

International HMB tournament in France, more than 100 buhurt fighters! It will be epic! We're glad to make a sponsorship of this event.
9.09 Tournoi du Valois, France, La Ferté-Milon

Tournoi du Valois
La Ferté-Milon, France 09.09.17

Burggrabenfest in Nuernberg 08 September 2017

Medieval Nuremberg! Here we go!
8-10.09 Burggrabenfest in Nuernberg

Nuremberg, Germany 08-10.09.17

Mittelaltermarkt Kirchdorf an der Amper 25 August 2017

For the first time Forge of Svan is visiting Kirchdorf an der Amper! We look forward to meet you 25-27th of August at the medieval fair "Mittelaltermarkt Kirchdorf an der Amper"

Kirchdorf an der Amper
Germany 25-27.08

Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival 2017 25 August 2017

Dear Netherlands!
We gladly inform that only here you can buy Forge of Svan armors for the best price.
Big SALE at Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival 2017, Winschoten, Netherlands
25th-27th of August

Middeleeuws Winschoten & Fantasy Festival 2017
Winschoten, Netherlands 25-27.08.17

ZannenkinFeest 25 August 2017

We look forward to meet you at ZannenkinFeest in Rexpoëde, France 25th-27th of August

Rexpoëde, France 25-27.08.17