ID: 13504

Splinted arms protection, 14 century. Made of 1.5mm cold rolled steel (base option) and durable brown leather thicknesses 4mm. Also available in 1.0mm and 1.5mm spring (tempered) steel. For high protection properties of leather it had been impregnated by the special wax solution and it can hold the axe hit. Leather has natural flexibility. Additionally the reinforcing

ID: 13205

Brigandine arms consists of biceps, articulated elbows, vambraces (brassards). Brigandine arms additionally reinforced with steel plates. Perfectly articulated elbows are joint with arms by rivets – no holes, no leather laces. Upper arms have leather points that provides proper fixation on your gambeson. Brigandine arms are equipped with leather straps and steel buckles. Brigandine armor

ID: 13204

Brigandine arms completed with steel elbow cops. Plates are made of 1.5mm cold rolled steel. The inner tissue is tarpaulin, outer fabric is 100% natural wool. Brigandine arms are also available in 1.0mm and 1.5mm tempered (hardened) steel. Special construction provides great mobility. Brigandine arms are very simply taking apart which makes it’s transportation and

ID: 13501

Made of tempered steel with thickness 1.0 mm. Basic steel arms set protects you by covering your arms from the top of shoulder till armlet. This armor has good movement properties which provides you excellent mobility. You can easy take apart it for transporting. Armour is equipped with leather straps with steel buckles and leather

ID: 13502

This complect of full hand protection is made of 1,5 mm thick cold rolled steel. It provides protection of hand from wrist to shoulder. With the help of leather belts and steel buckles it is very comfortable to wear with other parts of armour. It can protect you from impacts of different kinds of weapons,

ID: 13505

Pair of articulated arms, Milan, 1385. Picture taken from the Churburg castle, South Tyrol region. We offer you reconstruction of this armor. We use cold rolled steel, thickness is 1.5 mm. Please notice, that measurements should be with padding/gambeson.


Late XV century full plate arm protection. It consists of: pauldrons, rerebraces, elbow cops and vambraces. In the first quarter of XV century Milanese armorers invented very simple way to connect all parts of arm protection by the help of leather straps or sliding rivets. This invention made arm fully covered with no gap between

ID: 13503

French arm armor – 14th century,  based on a example which is preserved in Chartres Cathedral, France, made for Charles VI . This arm harness is completed with the elbow cops. Made of cold rolled steel with thickness 1.5 mm. May be crafted of 1.0mm and 1.5mm tempered (hardened) steel. This armor has good movement

ID: 13106

Stilization of XIV century spaulders worn with lentner or coat armor. Basic anatomical shape provides excellent movability. Spaulders make a good set with steel arm protection. They are equipped with leather points with holes. You can easely fix Plain spaulders “Drops” to your pdded gambeson. Also there’s a leather strap for proper fastening on your

ID: 13105

This model of our new shoulder protection was made as stilization of Milanese spaulders – espalderium. Segmental spaulders are smaller than historical spaulders which you can see on the Milanese armor of XV century. That makes them more comfortable to use. So called “wings” of Milanese spaulders were really big. When knights stopped to use

ID: 13104

Italian style spaulders, late XV century. Also called narrow spaulders. Based on armor of Kaspar of Frundsberg which is preserved in Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien, Austria. Narrow spaulders consist of 3 narrow biceps plates, shoulder cup and long biceps plate which goes till elbow. This construction provides full covering of biceps. Each plate is fixed

ID: 13103

Spaulders – part of the armour, has a semi-circular or curved shape, protects shoulders and neck of a wearer, as well as identifies a person. Were made entirely of metal, very rarely contained leather. This complect of spaulders of made of qualitative steel 1,5 mm thick that gives confidence in providing protection. Spaulders are fixing