Spaulders Chalkis

Spaulders Chalkis

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In the middle ages the fortress of Chalcis was a venetian colony. In 1470 it was destroyed by Ottoman Empire. The large hoard of fourteenth- and fifteenth-century armor was discovered in the ruins of the fortress in 1840. The Italian spaulders from the Chalcis armor collection dated from ca.1380 – 1400.

Our Spaulders Chalkis consist of a large shoulder plate and three overlapping lames. Steel elements are assembled by rivets on two leather bands. Also there’s a row of the sliding rivets. Such design provides good movability of the spaulders’ segments. Armor is equipped with steel buckle on the top of the shoulder plate. Also there’s a buckle and strap that secures it across your bicep to ensure that it will stay in place. This allows for a greater degree of adjustment in terms of fitting the spaulders properly and comfortably to your body.

Our Spaulders Chalkis can be made from mild steel, tempered steel, stainless steel or titanium. Base variant features: 1.5mm mild steel, steel rivets and buckles. You are welcome to choose other options according to your needs.

This shoulder armor is battle ready and can be used for the full contact medieval combat regimented by HMB, IMCF, SCA.

Please note, that measurements should be with padding/gambeson.
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