• Here you can find a measuring scheme.

    Please notice that properly made measurements is your responsability.
  • There's no so much information about specific technologies of plate armor craftsmanship. But still we have different sources of that time such as Illuminated manuscripts, medieval illustrations where we can see a craftsman doing his work, descriptions of specific forging tools.
  • Forge of Svan workshop will be presented at the IMCF World Championship 2019, May 16-19, Ukraine. You can find us in the historical camp close to the fighters.

Our company "Forge of Svan" was founded in 2004.

And from its early beginning the main goal of our armory stays the same - manufacturing of high quality equipment for medieval tournaments and buhurts. During these years we got a huge experience in producing real and functional armor made of mild steel, tempered spring steel, titanium.

We see an importance of development of this sport well known as medieval full contact battle. This is the reason we take part in sponsoring and organising of many HMB and IMCF tournaments in different countries inside the

Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Spain) and on the other side of the ocean - in Canada. It's more than 20 tournaments per year. And yet we're open for more opportunities.

At our website you can choose and buy HMB and IMCF armor as well as make an order for the custom armor designed by your own unique project. At any case you'll get a high level customers service.

Our managers will answer your questions. Forge of Svan team is ready to help you to become a serious
battle-ready fighter that can meet his opponent at the fighting arena of medieval world championship such as Battle of The Nations or local HMB tournament. Whatever armor you choose: full plate armor, steel leg protection, steel arms protection, closed greaves, steel gauntlets, brigandine armor or helmet - you can be sure, our equipment keeps you safe in tournaments and buhurts for many years of practice.
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