21 January 2020

History Does women’s armor is different from those which men are commonly using? That question we often get from our customers. And does the terminology “female armor” exist at all? Ask Google with words “women in armor” and immediately you get images with boob steel plates or fantasy cuirass, “bikini armor” and other kind of

3 December 2019

The modern full contact sword fighting, whether by IMCF, HMB or SCA rules, is different from medieval tournaments or stunt performances of popular movies. This aspect is of fundamental for understanding what equipment you need. The use of improperly chosen armor, or insufficient attention to material selection can lead to injuries. In the Middle Ages,

21 August 2018

There’s no so much information about specific technologies of plate armor craftsmanship. But still we have different sources of that time such as Illuminated manuscripts, medieval illustrations where we can see a craftsman doing his work, descriptions of specific forging tools . According to those historical sources there was a structure in work organization of

2 May 2017

We have every reason to believe that there are many of HMB and IMCF fighters who have come into medieval full contact combat from the Reenacting. The variety of armor suitable for this sport is big but not huge. It’s definitely rare to see HMB fighter in Gothic armor. There is ample evidence that  the

5 March 2017

Our company “Forge of Svan” was founded in 2004. And from its early beginning the main goal of our armory stays the same – manufacturing of high quality equipment for medieval tournaments and buhurts.  During these years we got a huge experience in producing real and functional armor made of mild steel, tempered spring steel,

25 November 2016

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4 January 2016

Medieval full contact battle qualifying rounds according to the HMB rules took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on December 28, 2016, and January 4, 2017. This sport has never been easy and safe. This time was no different. For a short period of time, every combatant forgot that his opponent on the other side of the