Top Helm with Brass Cross

Top Helm with Brass Cross

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By the end of the XIII century, the apex of the tophelm evolved to a conical shape. At the beginning it was worn over a mail coif and small padded cap. By the end of the XIII century, knights wore a low chalice-shaped bascinet (often equipped with its own mail) under it. It is also interesting to note the role tophelms played in medieval fashion. Many were equipped with different decorative heraldic crests (“cimiers” in French and “Wappenfigur” in German). Cimiers were made from leather soaked with wax. Medieval craftsmans cut out forms in leather and then glued canvas on top of the leather. Then the cimier was covered by whitewash. The final step in their creation was illustration using tempera colors or/and gilding.  At their origin cimiers served as recognizable markings so that knights would know who was who, since their faces were covered. Over time, cimiers came to be used as heraldic symbols for knights.

This Tophelm is outfitted with a stylish brass cross and the historical cross on the right cheek. You’ll have no problems dominating the competition and looking amazing while doing so thanks to the confidence this master crafted tophelm will impart to you. Our Tophelm is secured with leather straps and buckle. The addition of a padded liner is also possible. Our Tophelm is available in mild, tempered, or stainless steel as well as in titanium.

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