Bascinet Griffon, type 2

Bascinet Griffon, type 2

ID: 11110

Helmet (from German “helm”) is the main part of any armor kit. The most popular type of the helmet is Bascinet. From it’s beginning Bascinet was used as supplement defence. But after it got a visor (German “Visier”, French “visiere”, Italian “visiera”) this type of helmet became a separate protection armor.

Bascinet Griffon type-2 is made to provide maximum protection of the chin. Visor is attached on two pins. Helmet has a steel button to make sure visor would not open suddenly during the buhurt tournament. Visor is fixed properly and safely. Eye slots have bars attached from the inside for additional protection. Drilled hols provide comfortable breathing. That is very important since during the intense physical activity we need more oxygen. Helmet can be made from mild steel or tempered steel by your choice.

Our Bascinet Griffon helmet type-2 meets HMB Regulation and Requirements of HMBIA Authenticity Committee.

Please notice that visor of the helmet will be made from 2.0mm thick tempered steel or mild steel depending on your choice.
In base options helmet doesn’t have aventail pins.

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