Spoleto Bascinet type-2

Spoleto Bascinet type-2

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Helmet (from German “helm”) is the main part of any armor kit. The most popular type of the helmet is Bascinet. From it’s beginning Bascinet was used as supplement defense. But after it got a visor (German “Visier”, French “visiere”, Italian “visiera”) this type of helmet became a separate protection armor.
Bascinet Spoleto type-2 is made to provide maximum protection of the chin. Visor is attached on two pins. Helmet has a steel button to make sure visor would not open suddenly during the buhurt tournament. Visor is fixed properly and safely. Eye slots have bars attached from the inside for additional protection. Drilled holes provide comfortable breathing. That is very important since during the intense physical activity we need more oxygen.
Thanks to its classic bascinet shape and ergonomic design, this helmet has won the trust among fighters. Every owner of Bascinet helmet with the flat face visor is confident in its usability. Helmet is designed to take into account all the specifics of medieval full contact combat. Maximum protection and reliability.
Holes on the visor allows you to breathe easily even on a hot summer day. When you need to rest between fights – with locking button you can easily open a visor. Or, for example, when you participate in the parade. Your open face could be seen by viewers, so you can be sure that the lady of your heart will see you among the other knights and be able to smile at you, not your teammate.
The eye slits give a great overview. But at the same time there are protective bars. So that even the thinnest blade will not fit into these slits.
In this helmet your chin is completely protected. This special design makes the main difference between our Bascinet Spoleto Helmet type 1 and Spoleto type 2. Padded liner inside the helmet is made to cover also this chin part. This provides additional protection.
You can be sure that even during the hardest buhurt fight or duel your most persistent rival will not break your nose. So after the end of tournament you both could drink some glass of milk instead of travelling to the hospital.
Our Bascinet Spoleto helmet type-2 meets HMB Regulation and Requirements of HMBIA Authenticity Committee.
Don’t delay, order now to be ready for your next battle.
We draw your attention that if helmet is ordered without aventail – it’ll made without vervelles.

Helmet can be equipped with the simon strap under the request.

Please notice that visor of the helmet will be made from 2.0mm thick tempered steel or mild steel depending on your choice.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Attention l'image est pas forcement contractuel (le renfort metal des yeux est sur la visière et non dedans comme peut le croire sur l'image ....mais c'est bien celui de la video) Entre celui-là et le griffon type 1 les petites ventilations sont le bienvenues (pour y voir un peu mieux !) Même si le casque est un peu lourd (2.5mm acier + padding coif+ maille pour 6,4kg ) il repose cependant bien sur les épaules et son poids est bien reparti ce qui évite de se sentir trop encombré !! Comment dire, je l'ai apporté au club, et d'autres veulent le commander ....donc pour moi c'est tout bon ;)

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