Bevor XV Century

Bevor XV Century

ID: 11505

Italian Bevor mid 15 century. Based on the Sallet helmet with bevor from the collection of the castle of Churburg (Castel Coira), South Tirol. Made of 1.5mm cold rolled steel. Optionally it can be made of 1.0mm or 1.5mm tempered (hardened steel). Brass decor is not included in base options.

Bevor XV century is ideally matches Sallet XV century.

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up to 46 cm
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46-50 cm
Neck circumference
50-54 cm
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Brass decor

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  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Most people will probably tell you that the bevor and sallet are no good for buhurt fighting, and yes maybe so for mass battles but for duels? This bevor (and sallet) will be perfect! Allow me to explain! Both peices are very light and comfortable to wear, the bevor just comes up past the mouth and leaves a fair amount of space to breath quite easily especially through your nose. you can move your head side to side to a degree and because the sallet sits so close to your head, you have pretty decent eye sight, mostly to the sides. When you lift your head up with this style their is very very little gap, be aware of it but dont worry about it. Please keep in mind back of your neck will not be protected at all... You need something their! Padded chainmail with rondel works just fine, also this bevor will NOT work if it is not fitted to you snug, if you get hit on the side of the head, your head will tilt and your neck will get hit on the side of the bevor... Snug fit mostly prevents this. Only thing i would change is on the sides of the bevor neck and shoulders is adding some arming points to tie down to your gambeson to keep the bevor from sliding too much and to attach back of neck protection.. Really not necessary, just personal preference!

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