Burgonet Helmet

Burgonet Helmet

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Burgonet helmet based on the helmet from the armor of Guidobaldo della Rovere (1514-1574), Duke of Urbino, given to Felipe II of Spain. Armor and helmet were made in Roman style in 1546 by Bartolomeo Campi de Pesaro. Preserved in the Royal Armory (La Real Armeria) in Madrid, Spain. Helmet was luxuriously decorated with a victorious oak leaf diadem. Interesting thing: armorer Campi declared that he completed this armor in two months which would have taken a year of work. In 1630 armor was represented by a Spanish painter of the Baroque era – Pedro Núñez del Valle in his “Jael y Sisera” (now preserved in Dublin National Gallery of Ireland).

Burgonet was developed in Italy and then was spread via Spain in France. Evolved from the Italian Sallet (celata), the new helmet had more advantages. Burgonet is characterized by a skull with prolonged occipital and a large fixed or hinged peak projecting above the face-opening and comb. Italian Burgonets were different from the German ones: they were made in the style of the antic roman helmets and had a more rounded shape. Many Italian burgonets are the true masterpieces. Luxuriously decorated with the gold, inlay, engravings they declared the provement of riches and high status of the owner.

Our Burgonet helmet is made as stylization of Italian burgonet from the armor of Guidobaldo della Rovere. It has cheek plates. Skull has a crest going from the front to rear.

Helmet can be made from mild steel, tempered steel, stainless steel or titanium.

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