Byzantine helmet

Byzantine helmet

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Byzantine Empire covers the big period in history from the Late Antiquity till the Middle Ages: 395–1453 c. Thanks to The Migration Period the Early Middle Ages’ armor included different styles and types. The most common type of helmet of that time was a helm composed of segments which are fixed by the wide metal ring. Such construction is also called “Spangenhelm”. Same helmets can be seen on The Bayeux Tapestry. No wonder that significant improvements in the shape of helmets occurred in the 10th century under the influence of the East, where blacksmithing technologies were more developed compared to Western Europe.

Our Byzantine style helmet is made from the four quarters connected by the four steel bands and wide ring. Steel nasal element and vertical steel bands are decorated with the brass. There are brass squares all along the wide steel ring. Steel rosette on the top of the helmet is riveted to all elements of the skull. The red bristle decor could symbolize the flame. But evidently it gives a fine and exquisite look to this helmet. You are welcome to choose the type of the aventail. It can be chainmail aventail or riveted aventail which is fixed on the bottom line of the skull and nasal. The inside fastening is made as leather straps with buckle. Helmet can be made from mild steel, tempered steel, stainless steel, titanium. Whatever option you’d choose – the skull and nasal of the helmet will be decorated with brass elements.

The Byzantine style helmet of represented design can be used in LARP and reenactment. But if you are interested in getting this helmet for full contact medieval combat  – it’s possible to make it buhurt-optimized. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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