Close Helmet

Close Helmet

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The most popular helmet of the XVI century: close helmet with a visor  “sparrow’s beak”.  Helmet was developed on the base of Sallet with bevor. Close helmet looks like Armet but in fact it’s different. First close helmets were similar to sallet with the short tail. But the skull of the new type helmet has been made more rounded, repeating the shape of head. The lower part of the helmet – bevor – was made repeating the chin shape. Visor and bevor are attached with the same pivots.

Our Close helmet is based on the helm dated 1485 year. According to the Royal Armories (UK) there are only a few examples of helmets of such a rare form. Source for our helmet is a helmet from St.Peter’s Church Stourton, Wiltshire, on loan to the Royal Armouries (AL.50) sometimes called as Transitional Sallet. But we’d like to use the classification of experts of the Royal Armories and name it Close helmet. The skull is pointed to the apex. Visor and bevor are attached with the same pivots. Breathing holes on the right side of the visor. Bevor is fixed by the steel button and has a hook to fix the visor.

A new option of the finishing is available for this helmet: the unpolished dark graphite surface. It’s made by the formation of the  oil oxide film on the hot metal surface.  Armor gets a dark “raw” look. Please note, that this option of finishing can’t be applied to armor made from titanium or stainless steel. Contact us if you would like this type of finishing to be applied to your helmet. It’s available upon request.

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