Bascinet - Griffon Helmet

Bascinet - Griffon Helmet

ID: 11109

Helmet plays a key role as the part of any HMB or IMCF armor set.
Bascinet (or  Bassinet) is a type of helmet that was used as supplement protection but  became a separate defense after it got visor. Visors could have different types of connection to the helmet’s skull: hanging, lifting visor or folding visor.

Helmet Griffon type Bascinet is well known among HMB and IMCF sportsmen. Our Bascinet Griffon is equipped with a steel button that fix the visor and bars on the eye slots. Visor has drilled holes for easy breathing. Helmet is available to be made from mild or tempered spring steel.

Our Bascinet Griffon helmet meets HMB Regulation and Requirements of HMBIA Authenticity Committee.

Please notice that visor of the helmet will be made from 2.0mm thick tempered steel or mild steel depending on your choice.

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