Bascinet - Spoletto Helmet

Bascinet - Spoletto Helmet

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The helmets of bascinet shape with the flat face visor are by far the most popular amongst sportsmen engaged in medieval full contact combat in disciplines such as duel and buhurt, under HMB, IMCF and SCA regulations. The Bascinet helmet was developed from a helmet that looked like a small hat. Medieval knights wore it under a much heavier and more solid helmet called the top helm. During the clash, being on the horse, at the very beginning of the battle, knights used both helmets at the same time. And only then, when they were about to change their weapon to battle axes and swords, they dropped out heavy top helmets and continued to fight only in the bascinet. At that time, such helmet hadn’t visor. It covered only head, so the neck and face remained unprotected.

Approximately from the 14th century Bascinet has got a visor. The posterior part that closes the neck became lengthen. Progressive development of this helmet is gradually replacing the top helm because it is no longer needed. The visor allows the knight to feel more comfortable, because it facilitates breathing due to holes on the visor. As well as during the march visor can be lifted up without having fear about the opened face because when necessary it is easily closes down and allows knight to take the fight. The lock button on Spoletto helm prevents uncontrolled opening of visor and therefore provides reliable protection.

Evolution of bascinet helmet included not only appearance of visor and additional protection of the neck. The inner part called padded liner also develops. Padded liner – is a kind of fabric hat padded with soft natural materials. It’s fixed inside the helmet by sewing.
In the dome of the bascinet Spoletto helm there are special holes made. Using them padded liner is sewed to the helmet. Padding is mainly a shock-absorption. Thanks to it the most strong strokes of halberd, ax or falchion will be alleviated.

Our Bacinet Spoletto helm is designed to take into account all the specifics of medieval full contact combat. Maximum protection and reliability.
Good for using in buhurt and duels as well.
Each detail, even small rivet or leather strap is designed and manufactured by our highly skilled craftsmen. During the manufacturing process we carefully monitor the quality of our products. You can always count on our service not only during the ordering but also after. We are glad to answer all your questions, don’t hesitate to contact our managers.

In making of our armor and helmets we use different materials such as mild steel, hardened steel, titanium, stainless steel. So you can order Bascinet Spoletto be crafted according to your choice. Helmets made from tempered steel, mild steel, stainless steel can be practically used both in duels and buhurt. We don’t recommend to use titanium helmets in buhurts. But it has an evident advantage in duels because of low weight of titanium helmet.
For more than 15 years of helmet manufacturing, we have gained extensive experience in the manufacture of Bascinet helmets. Although we are very fond of history and respect the craftsmanship of 13th-14th century blacksmiths, we are sure that modern sport requires technical approach. That’s why we use modern equipment. Our goal is to achieve the shortest manufacturing time keeping the high quality.
When ordering from us you can be sure that you’ll get your order within 8-10 weeks.

Please notice that visor of the helmet will be made from 2.0mm thick tempered steel or mild steel depending on your choice.

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2 reviews for Bascinet – Spoletto Helmet

  1. 5 out of 5


    The helmet looks great, fits great, and is very well made. Exactly what i ordered, can't wait to use it in competition. Highly recommend this helmet and Forge of Svan. They will be my go to armorer.
  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A very asthetically pleasing and robust helm. Helmet holes provide near-perfect vision, allowing me to see any opponents and see obstacles on the ground. The aventail is very protective and doesn't get in the way of my movements. The interior was padded thickly, giving me great blunt force defense, but also hampering my hearing considerably. An overall great purchase. I look forward to my next order to Forge of Svan to further complete my harness!

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