Gobelin Padded Aventail

Gobelin Padded Aventail

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A padded aventail is quilted under-armor. During the Middle Ages it was worn with helmets. Our Gobelin Padded Aventail is made of durable fabric and natural breathable sheet batting. It is hand-crafted with high quality machine stitching. This aventail has exquisite gobelin-style patterning and will make you the envy of other combatants.

It serves as an excellent companion piece to our Gobelin Gambeson, Gobelin Gambeson with Buttons, and our Gobelin Quilted Stockings, but can just as easily be added to any other padded set for some additional flair.

Our Gobelin Padded Aventail is historically accurate and can be used to cover a steel gorget if it doesn’t fit the historical period of your armor set. A padded aventail also can be used as additional neck protection in case your gambeson is collarless. There are leather straps with a steel buckle on the font and the rear side of the neck is protected by the raised collar. Thanks to a slit under the front of the neck, it’s easy to put it on and take off.

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    thx for this amazing product...and the production was FAST, service awesome and I´m totally overwhelmed by your work during those times...hope more use your excellent skills... This is for the padded avantail........no, no roboter, but u will fnd the same text at the other things I ordered...but U can contact me in germany if U have questions about this. Chris S. PS: To be honest...I do not know if I will dare to place the dirty chain on this awesome product ;)

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