Padded Gorget with Titanium Plates

Padded Gorget with Titanium Plates

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Our Padded Gorget with Titanium Plates helps to cover any unsafe gaps you may have around the neck. It can also be used as additional protection to reinforce vulnerable places such the collar bones and trapezius muscles.

Our Padded Gorget with Titanium Plates is made from stitched cotton and two layers of natural sheet batting and comes in a variety of base and trim colors. The titanium plates are riveted to leather bands which are sewn to a padded gorget. There are two plates on the sides and one on the back. They have a small reinforcement rib on the bottom. The side plates are forged anatomically and conform to the shape of the shoulders. The base option includes 1.0mm titanium plates, and can be upgraded to 1.5mm titanium plates.

Thanks to a cut on the center of the gorget, it’s easy to put it on fast and fabric laces allow you to adjust its fit for maximum comfort. Not only is it comfortable, but our Padded Gorget with Titanium Plates is durable enough to be suitable for historical medieval full contact combat.

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50-54 cm
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