Steel Kneecaps

Steel Kneecaps

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Steel kneecaps: german “Kneibuckel”, italian “ginocchielli”, french “genouilleres”. Some historians assume that steel kneecaps were the first step toward the full plate leg harness. It was essential to cover knees with the steel plate element.

In XII century knights used chainmail stockings. But mail was not strong enough to protect a knee. This weak place was reinforced with a thick piece of leather with sewn small round steel plate on the top of it. Such construction was not comfortable because thick leather made problems for leg bending. That’s why thick piece of leather was removed and steel plate become bigger. Knee caps were fixed under knees with the help of leather straps and buckles.

Our Steel kneecaps have round wings. The shape of each kneecap is reinforced with the ribs. Armor is decorated with leather elements and equipped with straps and buckles.

You can order Steel kneecaps to be made from mild steel, tempered steel or titanium.

Please notice, that measurements should be with padding/gambeson.

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Knee circumference
40-44 cm
Knee circumference
44-48 cm
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48-53 cm
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53-58 cm
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