Elbow Cops with Rondels type-2

Elbow Cops with Rondels type-2

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Our Elbow Cops with Rondels Type-2 are based off armor from the XIV and early XV centuries. These elbow cops are equipped with bowl-shaped rondels and a reinforcement rib which goes all around the edge of the rondel. The elbow of the piece is slightly pointed at the olecranon area. The decorative elements are made of thick durable leather and are attached to the steel part with two lines of rivets (available in steel or brass) at the top and bottom.

Our Elbow Cops with Rondels Type-2 are secured with leather straps and steel buckles and have holes that allow them to be affixed to the sleeves of your gambeson. Elbow Cops with Rondels Type-2 are suitable for use in HMB, IMCF, and ASC medieval combat and reenactment.

We also offer Steel Kneecaps which are decorated with the same style of leather and will help make any armor set including the Elbow Cops with Rondels Type-2 more visually cohesive.

Please note, that measurements should be with padding/gambeson.

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