Padded Aventail

Padded Aventail

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Padded aventail – it’s a quilted under armour. In the Middle Ages it was worn with helmets. Our padded aventail is made of durable fabric and natural breathable sheet batting. It is hand-crafted with a qualitative machine stitching. In options you can choose different colors of fabric and trim. Padded aventail also available in Gobelin fabric:
Padded Aventail Gobelin
It is historically accurate. You can use it to cover the steel gorget if it doesn’t fit the historical period of your armor set equipment. Padded aventail also can be used as additional neck protection in case if your gambeson is collarless. There are leather straps with a steel buckle on the font of padded aventail. The rear neck side is protected by the raised collar. Thanks to split it’s easy to put it on and take off.
Padded Aventail can be a good addition to your quilted set of gambeson and stockings. It doesn’t require much effort to keep it clean. Simple low-temperature hand wash will be completely enough.

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