Padded Aventail

Padded Aventail

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A Padded Aventail is quilted under-armor. During the Middle Ages it was worn with helmets. Our Padded Aventail is made of durable fabric and natural breathable sheet batting. It is hand-crafted with high quality machine stitching. It’s available in a variety of base colors and trims. For an even flashier look, we also offer our Gobelin Padded Aventail.

Our Padded Aventail is historically accurate and can be used to cover a steel gorget if it doesn’t fit the historical period of your armor set. A Padded Aventail also can be used as additional neck protection in case your gambeson is collarless. There are leather straps with a steel buckle on the font and the rear side of the neck is protected by the raised collar. Thanks to a slit under the front of the neck, it’s easy to put it on and take off.
A Padded Aventail can be a good addition to your quilted set of gambeson and stockings and doesn’t require much effort to keep clean. Simply wash it by hand at low-temperature hand.

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