ID: 11101

Qualitative helmet is very important part of the armour. It must be durable and able to stand any impact. Our helmets maintain all this demands and at the same time they are comfortable and light. The thickness of the steel dome of this helmet is 2mm. Possible options for a removable visor: “pig’s snout,” “dog’s

ID: 11102

Charles VI (1368-1422), King of France, was called the Beloved and the Mad (french: le Bien-Aimé, le Fol or le Fou). Helmet based on Bascinet of Charles VI from the collection of “Le Trésor de la cathédrale” (Chartres, France). It has a visor so-called a “sparrow’s beak” (french: visière à bec de passereau). Such form

ID: 11501

Gorget – originally a steel collar used for neck and throat protection. Gorget was a part of ancient armour and was intended to protect against swords and other bladed weapons. The most medieval gorget were simple shields to protect the neck, worn under the breastplate. These plates support the weight of armour worn on them

ID: 11503

Gorget, Augsburg, 1600. This is a reconstruction of original gorget. Made of cold rolled steel with thickness of 1.5 mm.

ID: 11111

Italian Sallet mid 15 century. Based on the Sallet helmet from the collection of the castle of Churburg (Castel Coira), South Tirol. Descripted as a Visored Sallet c. 1460. Our Sallet made of 2.0mm cold rolled steel. Optionally it can be made of 1.5mm or 2.0mm tempered (hardened steel). This helmet will be made according